Selasa, 5 Oktober 2010

The Band Perry | Katy Perry Joins Band ?

Currently, I'm listening to a song entitled If I Die Young by The Band Perry. I don't know why but I just love the tune - nice, easy and smooth. Korang dah dengar ? Eh. Kalau belum, I suggest you guys to hear the song. Goreng pon sodap !!! XD

This is not about Katy Perry joins band. Haha. The Band Perry is an American country music band. Ada lagi menarik pasal The Band Perry ni. Nak tahu tak ? Jeng jeng jeng. Ta ra ku cak cak cak. Okay. Enough with the sound effects. Haha. For your information, they are all siblings ! Oh. How cute kan ? Anyway, the group will be released the band's self-titled album on October 12, 2010. Kalau ikut waktu Malaysia, tinggal lagi seminggu je ! Haha.

Hey. The Band Perry reminds me a lot of Lady Antebellum. Seriously ! If you guys like to hear sounds from Lady Antebellum, why don't you guys try to spend a lil time with The Band Perry ? Tak rugi pon. Hehe. XD

potpetpotpet : Layan jiwa jiwa. =_=

3 ulasan:

  1. waa. . .
    mesti dengar niy. .

  2. waa.. best! ^__^

    en. hizami, tolong saya boleh?

    sekian, terima kasih.. ^_~


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