Jumaat, 17 September 2010

(Photos) Britney Meets Britanny On Glee

When Britney (Spears) meets Britanny (Heather Morris).

Wow. She looks different in that picture. Right ? The make up, the outfit and even the hair. The style does represent Britney Spears from Me Against The Music. The upcoming "Britney/Britanny" episode of Glee airs on September 28. Do start counting the days from now on. Haha. Eh eh here is another photo from Britney Spears and Heather Morris. Scroll down please.

Who's hotter ? Oh. It's me. Haha.

Britanny (Heather Morris) in cheerleading uniform. She is totally changed right?

potpetpotpet: Hiburan semata-mata. Cak cak cak. Boleh ?

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