Khamis, 1 April 2010

Dia Yang Tersingkir. American Idol Top 10: The Results.

Oh my.
I don't think that she has to leave the stage.
Not for now.
Even though her performance last night was not so hot.
But, I think she deserve one more chance.
Anyway, good luck dear.
I'm your fan.

So, you know who is she?
Siobhan Magnus?
Katie Stevens?
Didi Benami?
Crystal Bowersox?

She is...
...a girl.
Stop talking.
She is...
...Didi Benami.
She was sent home this week.
Not another girl.
You know, the judges once said that this year is going to be for the girls.
But, three girls were sent home already.
The boys? None of them.
Maybe this year one of them will be the winner.
Which one?
Maybe Casey James.
Or Lee Dewyze.
Big Mike? Naaa...
By the way, I was disappointed with some performances.

  • Siobhan. Oh. She was trying too hard. Dan dia nampak tak selesa kat atas pentas. Maybe she was too nervous to perform as she was the first contestant of the night. Poor her. Aku harapkan yang lebih hebat daripada dia. Or maybe next week okay?
  • Casey James. I love him. As a performer, sangat menarik bila tengok dia beraksi kat atas pentas. Seriously. With his guitar, he's a star. Oh. This is not a poem. Erk. But, like the judges said, lagu tu tak menonjolkan his vocal ability yang sebenar. I like his tone.
  • Big Mike. Aku minat gila lagu ni. So in love with this song. FYI, lagu ni pernah digunakan sebagai lagu latar bagi drama GHOST lakonan Cheryl Samad tu. Ready For Love by India Arie. Memandangkan aku dah memang suka dan gila kat lagu ni, so, aku secara tiba tiba suka pulak with his performance.
  • Didi Benami. Hurm. I'm begging you, please bring your guitar! Duh. That's was not great at all. Sedih. I love her.
  • Tim Urban. Seriously. Aku tak berhenti gelak sepanjang dia menyanyi. Duh. Dengan face expression yang macam sengal, I just don't get it. Urghhh...
  • Andrew Garcia. Finally. He's giving the best. He's back on the track. But, I'm not his fan.
  • Katie Stevens. Cute girl. She's good. But, I don't think that she has the soul to sing that song. Ya. Lagu tu terlalu berat untuk dia. And it was a boring performance. Seriously. The great thing about her is the voice tone. Lain daripada yang lain.
  • Lee Dewyze. Another great performance. Finally.
  • Crystal Bowersox. Good job. Still, I'm not your fan. But, you are amazing!
  • Aaron Kelly. Urghhh... Aku kecewa lagi. Tak best. I prefer Kris Allen's version.
And I don't know la.
This season macam kurang great talents.
I mean talents yang betol betol amazing dan wow.

7 ulasan:

  1. I'm sorry your fave one is out

    she seem plain and forgettable. You need something that can make people remember you..and then vote for you

    for instance like siobhan, or perhaps katie

    but aaron was still there!!

  2. mmg gile kentang la dgn AI kan?


  3. joey:
    she lost her identity during the competition.

  4. huuu~
    haha... erk tim sungguh howt

  5. and tak sangka jawapan tim urban masa kara tanya dia why he always smiling sangat tepat pada waktu itu okay....

    I also smile when he answer the question... hahahaha.. precisely to be exact.

    p/s orang kata kita selalu pilih rupa berbanding bakat..tak macam Amerika..

    actually kita ngan dorang pun sama jer .. :)

  6. i love didi like hell.

    x sangke kuar...


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