Rabu, 3 Mac 2010

Tim Urban

Oh. Those shirtless pics belong to Tim Urban. Not Keith Urban. Tak ada kaitan. Well, my favourite website, votefortheworst, had publish these pics to grab some attention. Yeah. With pics like these, I'm sure most of the girls will vote for him. Erk. Really? Hehe. I don't know. Seriously, he's not a great singer. Ya. Before that, at first, he didn't make it to the Top 24. But, one of the contestants tetiba disqualified for some reasons yang tak dapat dielakkan. So, the producer called Tim Urban ni to fill the missing spot. Now, he's in the Top 20. Haha. And votefortheworst encourages people in America to vote for him to make sure that he stays in the competition. Oh. You can read right? Vote for the worst. Ya. The worst. Haha. For the girls, they pick Haeley Vaughn and for the boys, they pick this guy.

Tim Urban. Oh. Nak jugak body macam ni. Bila la ek? Mimpi la jap.

"Oh. Itu memang saya. Gorgeous bukan? Sila kau jealous meroyan."

"Comel tak kalau aku buat muka suci macam ni? Sucinya."

Haeley Vaughn. She's cute la.

If you noticed, she loves to wear something-like-flower on her head. It's her style, her signature maybe.

p/s: Oh. Another entry about American Idol Season 9. Hehe. I am so addicted with this show. Help me!

7 ulasan:

  1. nk tgk AI towards d end je nnt


  2. qarl:
    mesti tak larat nk follow from beginning kan?

  3. aku tak tgk la A I ni. Bz je. hm.

  4. nak wink jugak.. ahaks! :P

  5. oh. wink wink la anda sekalian.


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