Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010


Okay. Baru je tahu who's voted out from American Idol Season 9 ni. Oh. So, now, there's left only 10 girls and 10 boys. Let's see who's going home. Wuuu...

Ashley Rodriquez. Oh. I'm not suprised. At all. She sang Happy by Leona Lewis that night. And it's a total mess. The song sounded weird. I know. The song choice tak kena with her vocal ability. Haha. Padan muka kau. Kan dah terkeluar? Isk... Napa la tak nyanyi lagu Kak Eton Meon (Zaiton Sameon) ke kan? Dulu aku sendiri. Kini masih sendiri. Hadapi hidup ini. Haaa... Kan best tu. Nak juga sangat lagu Happy tu. Happy ke sekarang dah terkeluar? Menangis jua. Wuuu... In my opinion, she'll be great if she sang R&B songs. That suit her vocal.

Janell Wheeler. Hurm. Oh. She's pretty. And she can sing. But, I don't know. Maybe people just ignore her. Maybe she doesn't have the X-Factor. Oh. Takkan nak paksa kau undi dia kan? During the night, she sang What About Love. For me, she sounded just okay. Nothing great. But, I don't think that she had to leave the show this early. I mean as early as her first show. Kan? Nangis la kau. Wuuu...

Joe Munoz. He has the confidence when he's on the stage. I can see that. He sang You & I Both by Jason MRaz. What a nice song. Aku suka lagu ni! Jom nyanyi sesama. Jom jom jom. Kita heboh heboh. Eh, tu lagu lain. Okay. Ya. This one, I don't agree with his leaving from the show. Why? I thought his performance was quite good. Maybe he's not the best, but, he did a great job. You can see that most of the boys didn't sound good during the night. Pitchy. Note tak sampai. Re-arrange the song sampaikan kau tak tahu lagu apa kau dengar ni. Kan kan kan? Oh. But, dia ni antara yang okay la juga. Dah tak ada rezeki kan? So, kau seret la beg tu balik rumah kau. Tata...

Tyler Grady. Oh. I don't like this guy. Totally. He sounds horrible. He's not a great singer. Kalau setakat kau bawa imej konon 70's Rock, ada aku kisah? Haha. Not at all. He sang American Woman. I was speechless. Ya. Sebab terlalu tak best. Boleh? Oh. Why kau tak nyanyi lagu Gadis Melayu je? Instead of American Woman kan? Haha. Sila la pergi sekarang. Ya. You can leave now. That's the door.

Ok. That's the contestants who were voted off from the show. Ashley Rodriguez. Janell Wheeler. Joe Munoz. Tyler Grady. Good luck in your real life okay. Hehe. Kau baca ke blog aku? Aku berangan dorang baca blog aku yang serabut ni. Haha.

Oh. Let's talk about the bright side. My favourite contestants. My Didi Benami. She's safe for now. Hopefully, for the next elimination shows. America, you should vote her okay? Haha. She has the potential to be a star. Go go go Didi Benami! Haha. She sang a song called The Way I Am. I don't know the song. Clueless. Lagu apa kau nyanyi ni? Hehe. Still sedap okay. Give me 5!

And for the boys, I'll pick Aaron Kelly. It's not that he's the youngest contestant, he's cute or whatsoever reasons, but, he has a nice tone. Sedap didengar. Oh. He sang Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts. I love this song. By the way, he was so nervous on the stage. You can see from his face. Alolo... Comel je. Kau nervous? Gunalah sabun tahan mengantuk. Oh. Kaitan? Nothing. Aku still kelakar dengan sabun ni. Oh. Hizami, berhenti gelak.

p/s: Oh. I was not moved by both boys and girls. I'm hoping for better performances next week.

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  1. mana tau result ni?
    but thanks for sharing here.
    i try to follow AI this season... Rabu ngan Khamis saya berlari dr opis nak blk umah. tp sometimes, kerja byk so tak bley blk awal.
    maybe u can help me to update on the weekly result.hehe.

  2. ejay:
    i will.
    byk blogger yg update psl ni.
    so alert sikit dgn dorang la.

  3. haha..malam ni ada result dia.. skarang dia hari rabu, khamis and jumaat daa..

    tapi I somehow know that benda ni disiarkan lagi awal berbanding yang kat star world tuh...walaupun katenyer live via satellite..tetap jugak

    owh..hahahaha..bye bye Jordin Sparks no 2 (Ashley..muka nampak serupa kan?)...and also to James Morrison wannabe (Tyler..he looks pretentious masa dia nyanyi)

    and cheers for the Archuleta boy no2 (that would be Aaaron..)...

  4. joey:
    byk tol perumpamaan kan?
    tak sangka ada jugak yg sama minat.
    gembira ni.

  5. hahaha there was a lot...from my view ajerla..

    we have another Danny Gokey ... and the rest would be determined soon

    p/s sama minat? you mean the archuletta boy?

    Haha..remember I told you to watch this boy?

  6. uish l0lly x penah tau pun pasal ni s0 xley nak k0men pe2 ngeeee

  7. lolly:
    oh. tak apa.
    dah ada sepatah dua kata pun ok.

  8. qarl:
    zami obsessed dgn AI ni.


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