Sabtu, 5 September 2009


You guys pernah tak tengok a movie entitled 101 Dalmations? Ok. Kalau tak pernah tengok, mesti korang tao kot serba sedikit tentang cite tuh? Yup. It's all about the dogs, 101 dogs. Yeah! Apekah kaitan hanjeng-hanjeng tuh dengan aku? Adekah?

Well, it's now 101. It's not that my dogs are 101 in total, in fact, I don't have any! Ahakz! So, what the duck? Finally, I have 101 followers. Thank you so much to all of you guys for following my blog. I know I'm not a great author, yet not the best story teller. But, I'm sharing my life... Every inch of it. Maybe it is the same as you guys have experienced. Maybe that's how we get connected. And I'm enjoy writing in this blog. I hope you guys pon enjoy reading the karut-marut yang aku carutkan di sini. I appreciate you guys! Ahakz! Sorry if I sound a bit old-fashioned or maybe I'm just too excited with that number... =)

p/s: From the bottom of my heart, I heart you guys! Fuhhh~

11 ulasan:

  1. taniah~

    moga betambah lagi ea...


  2. eipul: yup. thnx. h0pefully... =)

  3. do we really connected? hurrmm... i doubt that.
    we're barely visit each other blog. huhu.

  4. wah cepat2 buat contest utk follower hahaha...


  5. but u never visit my blog.. =(

    but anyway, congrats on ur 101 followers!.. (^^,) I heart u too.. ahaks~~

  6. ejay: haha. 0k. n0t everyb0dy i guess. but i did visit ur bl0g. juz i lupe nk k0men. c0z i'm s0 freakin bz with works. i read then i left. anyhow, ur have l0tta c0mments there. =)

    kj: c0ntest? haha. nk bg hadiah pe???

    najmie: hey. i did... hehe. juz x sempat nk k0men jak! s0ri... mayb afta dis i try 0k? chill~ =)

  7. congrats ... n slamat hari raye jugak Hizami.... :)

  8. arel: slmt hari raye! lame lagik weyh~

    farish: huhu. thnx bangat! =)

  9. wah!xde hadiah ke tuk the 101th tu?


  10. f: hadiah? hehe. ti la... n0w i dun hav enuf m0ney la... =)


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