Jumaat, 12 Jun 2009

Daging Burger Bentuk Cinta!

One day, I went to McDonald's with my friends. It was 2.40pm. Almost 3pm dear! We were like hungry tigers running towards the McDonald's, before 3pm or I'll spend more. It was McValue Lunch time. As I arrived there, I ordered a set of McChicken. Regular. Enough. Then I sat. I ate French fries first, as an appetizer. Done. It was time for the main course, the burger! I pulled out the bread and I was so freaking out. Why? Try to look at the picture above. TMTH. Yeah, totally LOVE! The shape was like a heart. But, it was not Valentine's day. I considered myself as lucky then. Hehehe. I ate the burger with passion and a lotta love. Finish.

*TMTH - too much to handle.

3 ulasan:

  1. huhuhu how lucky ur tummy coz has been eaten that love!
    hahahahha ;p

  2. yeah...

    i guess s0~



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