Selasa, 16 Jun 2009

Tahniah kepada beliau!

huahua... aku gile~

Adam Lambert may have just revealed all personally, but he’s apparently putting on a poker face for his professional debut.

Living up to his American Idol reputation, and nickname, Glambert has sought out the musical services of hit-making producer RedOne, the man behind Lady Gaga’s two biggest hits and the person frequently credited—aside from the teacup-loving singer herself—with the recent resurgence of glam rock.

Sources tell E! News that Lambert spent the weekend holed up with the “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” producer in a Los Angeles recording studio.


Adam Lambert is working with the producer

of Just Dance and Poker Face~

That is so great!

I wonder how great would it be.

I just wanna wish luck to Adam Lambert.

He has a bright future then.

Finger crossed dear.

Maybe he would be like Lady Gaga male version.

Hmmm... Could it be?

Just Dance will be like Just Frank.

Just frank, gonna be okay, fa fa foo foo mmm

Just frank, tell the Rolling Stone, fa fa foo foo mmm

Just frank, gonna be okay, f-f-f-frank

Frank, frank, just, j-j-just frank

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EIPUL berkata...

haha, just frank,
nice one... LOL

HIZAMI berkata...


it's spontaneous.

clockwork orange berkata...


HIZAMI berkata...

yeah yeah~

tq clockwork orange.

for visiting.


Husnibaby:My Emancipation berkata...

hahaha..that's hilarious..and brilliant..(^_^)

HIZAMI berkata...





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