Isnin, 8 Jun 2009

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wallpaper 0f my lapt0p [f0r n0w]

t0day started wif early wake up
as early as 8.30am
awal la sgt...

btw, i da pr0mise dgn jaz n fyzl
dat i'll be at fyzl's h0me
n then, we t0gether
w0uld g0 straight t0 the l0cati0n
wat l0cati0n huh?
0h, its n0t like missi0n so impossible~
so, x perlu dicemaskan
its a wedding of fyzl's br0...

but, again, xjd l0rrr
my m0m t0ld me dat t0day
we were g0ing t0 ph0t0 sh0p~
t0 take picture 0f family
yea... since we hav n0t taking picture like this
f0r a l0ng time...
i mean a l0ng, l0ng, l0ng time
n plus, we hav a newc0mer here
he3... my sis, Nurhusna Qahirah
wh0 3 years 0ld 0nly~
she's cute but nakal w0oo
x tcapai akalmu
he3... s0, i decided t0 put aside the wedding plan
yea... i'm sure u've heard bef0re.
dat family c0mes first...~
i'm s0rry frenz


after i had finished the ph0t0sh0ot [huh?]
then i went t0 fyzl's br0 wedding
ar0und 1.20pm la~
agak lewat sket r... ;(
as i arrived, the gr0om als0 there
it's a cute c0incidence,
s0, i decided t0 snap s0me pics

pasangan mempelai mem0t0ng kek
dengan pedang p0wer rangers aku tyme kcik2 dulu~

gr0om: i'm the purple ranger!
bride: n0... i la~

kek tiga tingkat w0h!
i wonder y there is no stairs~
h0w t0 get to the next level
if we are located ground floor?

pelamin blueberry~

jaz + me

amdi + me

mane bride aku ni weh???
sape cepat die dpt la...~
p/s: iklan je ne

the theme was purple...~

these people are the bride's friends

yea... ini kenduri kahwin
lengang? n0t cr0wded?
well, this was 'khemah pengantin' la.
dats y guests were n0t all0wed
t0 interrupt~

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